Butter Scotch Cake Recipe

Butterscotch cake is one of the oldest and all time favorite cake of all. There are people who love to make cakes at home. Butterscotch Cake is cut in all kinds of occasions.It contains of butterscotch flavor in it. Today we will learn how to make butterscotch cake step by step at home. Let’s start.

Ingredients we need are:

Milk: 3/4 Cup

Sugar:1/2 Cup

Floor:1/2 Cup

Butterscotch Crush: 1/3 Cup

Baking Powder: 8 tps

Condensed Milk: Half Cup

Butter: 1/3Cup

Vinegar: 1/ 1/2 tps

Baking Soda: Half tsp

Salt: One and half Cup

Whipped Cream: Two and half Cup

Peanuts: As required

Butterscotch Essence: 1 tsp

Instructions to Follow:

  1. For sponge material you need to add salt in the pressure cooker without any whistle. Put cover over cooker and heat on low flame.

  2. In a bowl, take butter, sugar and cream and beat until it gets fluffy.

  3. All the the mixture in condensed milk. Mix butterscotch essence and crush and again mix it well.

  4. Take floor and mix with half cup milk.Then again add equal amount of floor and mix well.

  5. Apply butter in the bottom and upper side of cake.

  6. Mix baking soda and vinegar and add to the cake. Add whipped cream in bowl and put essence of butter in it. Now take out cake from cooker and add sugar syrup in it.

  7. Add all the mixture of whipped cream and butter essence on the cake and spread it evenly especially on the sides of cake. With the left cream take piping bag and put cream into it and decorate as your wish.

  8. Now spread some roasted peanuts in the corners of cake and center of the cake.

  9. Last refrigerate for 4-5 hours and your butter scotch cake is ready.

Enjoy the butter scotch cake with your family and friends. Feel the taste of each bite and share your experiences. Still you feel you don’t have time to prepare the butterscotch cake then order online cake delivery in Ahmedabad and get it delivered at your door step. For emergency delivery of butterscotch cake in Ahmedabad at night then choose midnight cake delivery in Ahmedabad. Enjoy your experiences and share with us in the comment below.







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